This is my Web page devoted to the awesome machines that Men are able to create.  You might think that my friends and I are rednecks, or a little psychotic...  Maybe we are.  Maybe we aren't, but we do dedicate most of our free time outside of work to perusing the salvage yards, scrap metal yards, the junk yards, and all of our other friends piles of useless parts.  We take the junk that you guys throw away and make it into machines that can conquer most terrain.  If that makes us rednecks, so be it, but we have the power to create and I say THAT MAKES US GODS!

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Andrew's Story

Current projects and 4x4s

Current projects and 4x4s

1985 Jeep CJ-7

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1953 Jeep Willys

1979 F150

1986 Full Size Chevy Pickup

1979 Jeep CJ-5

1989 S10 (I parted this truck out this past summer to build my new CJ7)

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