Meet me, I am Jason Campbell, I am 25 years old, I am happily married and I am addicted to 4x4's.  I love rock crawling, trail rides, 4 wheeling and building crazy stuff with my own two hands.  I am pretty sure I have an Octane deficiency or something because I love playing with anything that burns fuel and has pistons...

    I got involved in the sport of four wheeling approximately 5 years ago.  It all began because I needed a vehicle to drive in the winter time.  At the time I owned a 1997 Camaro Z28 SS and living in Michigan made it next to impossible to drive that car in the winter.  My Father and I owned a Used car dealership so we went to dealer car auctions quite regularly.  My 4x4 hobby began one day when a 1989 Ford Eddie Bauer Bronco went down the line and I bought it for $2200.  I drove the truck home from Kalamazoo and that afternoon I discovered that its four wheel drive didn't work by sticking it deep in a mud hole.  I finally got it out and drove it home where I spent the next weekend learning about 4x4 trucks.  I repaired the four wheel drive and went out and promptly got stuck again.  Don't ask me what the fascination is with having to "make sure your 4 wheel drive works" just after you've fixed it because I can't really explain it my self.  It turned out that my 4x4 did work it just got plain old stuck in the Michigan clay.  It took me only about a month more to get a set of larger tires, 33x12.5x15 courser mud terrains, and then my adventure truly began.  I have to tell you, tires make all the difference!  The original tires were a 31 inch all terrain and they just couldn't hack the Michigan mud.  Going to a more aggressive, larger tire really did the trick.

    I made it about one year before I had a definite urge to go bigger.  I purchased an old '72 Ford with 44x18x15 monster mudder tires just for the tires.  I cut a hell of a lot of sheet metal from the broncos fenders and gave it a 3" body lift and bolted the tires on.  They made it all of 3 months when I traded a buddy the 44's for a set of 38x15.5x15 ground hogs so that I could turn the beast.

    The bronco made it for about one more year and then I decided it had seen enough trails for its day, it had gone through 3 sets of wheel bearings, 3 sets of brake jobs, 2 EFI 302 motors, 1 EFI 351W motor, 2 rear ends and 1 AOD tranny.  The Bronco finally had to move on to that 4x4 trail in the sky.

    I then got a 1979 Ford F150 in excellent shape with only 35k original miles on trade for a bunch of Chevy parts I had lying around.  I still drive the '79 off and on to this day and you will see it under my current 4x4's section.