These are the early stages of my S10 Project truck.  I bought the truck for $10 from a guy who had already sold the drive train.  In this picture it already has the 350SBC I installed, and Andrew and I are underneath securing the cross members.

This is a shot of the interior taken on the same day as the previous picture.  Despite a 3" body lift there is not much room for drive train parts below the body.  The two holes you see cut in the floorboard are there to allow the two NP205 transfer cases room to breathe.  

This is a photo of the first motor the S10 had.  It is a 1976 SBC 350, 4 bolt main, accel super coil, accel 8mm wires, bosch platinum 4 plugs, and rebuild q-jet carb.  Behind this motor is an GM SM465 tranny, GM NP205 T-case, and a Ford divorced NP205 T-case.  Unfortunately the 350 is no longer in the truck, I blew it up on my first trip out with the newly finished S10.  Now in its place lies a humble SBC 305 that still kicks ass!

These are a couple of pictures shot right after I painted it with Ace Hardware safety orange paint.  On the left you can see what it looked like before the bed sides went on.  Yes that is a four link in the front and a three link in the back.  The radiator is mounted in the rear and in case you are wondering the front axel is a Dana 44 RR from an 1978 F150 with 5.13 gears and a Track Loc locker, the rear end is a Ford 8.8 inch axel out of a '89 bronco, it has been fitted with disc brake, 5.13 gears and it is welded locked.

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