This picture is from my first trip out four wheeling with the S10.  I was taking it pretty easy and watching for parts breakage and so a few of my first pictures are not all that extreme.


This is another picture of our first trip out with the S10.  We are out Hope road, a seasonal road in Sanford, Mi.  Unfortunately on this same trip I put the S10 in an 8 foot deep creek and hydro locked the motor.  Once we had it drained and the oil changed I drove it back to the trailer and there the motor froze up.  It turned out to be just the rod bearings that went so it should be an easy fix when I get around to it.  Sorry, but there are no pictures of the truck in the creek.  I was mor concerned with getting it out than shooting pictures of it.



This four wheeling trip we took was to be the first real test of my S10's capabilities.  In this picture you can see what 120:1 first gear ratio and neglecting to put her into four wheel drive will do...



Once the hubs were locked, it had very little trouble climbing the little hills and stuff.  Everything was going well.  My first real tests seemed to me to be a success.



Here you can see that rear three link finally start to come alive.  I fount it truly amazing the amount of suspension travel I got out of this baby.  I promise, I promise, there are even more extreme pictures yet to come!!!

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