Well, I do not currently have any pictures of the buildup of the flatty as my buddy lived in Nebraska when he built it.  His wife has promised to get me photos to scan in someday soon and I will put together a buildup sequence like I have done for the other trucks.  This Jeep runs a SBC 350, SM420 trans, Dana 18 T-case, Waggie Dana 44's, 5.38:1 gears, spooled rear, Power Trax No Slip front.  In these pictures he is running a set of 40 inch ground hogs I loaned him, but the truck now rides on 36x12.5x15 Super Swamper TSL's.

Here he is having a ball at my in-laws gravel quarry in Gladwin, Michigan.

Lots of fun for built jeeps!

Here are some really poor quality night shots of the jeep rolled in one heck of a mud hole at the end of hope road in Sanford, Michigan.  He was trying to get my wife and I out of the place before dark.  At this time my s10 was hydrolocked on the edge of sturgeon creek (don't ask).  Anyhow, after he put her on its side (let me tell you, rolling is no fun without a seat!) it got a little to dark before we could get it out.  We rolled it back over onto its tires and a friend that lives near the trail head came and gave us a winch out.

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