Here is another picture of the rear 4 ink as seen from behind.  You can also get a pretty good veix of the small block chevy 305 that I have tucked between the frame rails up front. Here is another shot of the 305, the red thing on top is actually a trash can lid I was useing to keep rain from getting in the carb.  I used motor mount from  They are fairly inexpensive and set up easily.
In these pictures I already had the tranny in (sorry no pictures of that) and we finally got the tub on.  The transmission is a TH350 w/ an advanced adapters tailshaft to mate to an NP231 T-case.  The transmission also has a full manual reverse pattern valve body witch is freakin awesome!  Oh, and by the way, thats one P.O.'d dobie over to the right, she doesn't like her picture taken evidently...

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